3 Ways To Be Healthier On The Road

Trucks play an important role in providing consumers access to goods and services. If you are thinking of investing in a career as a truck driver, it's important that you take the time to begin establishing good habits from the beginning. As part of your CDL training program, you should be learning ways to keep yourself healthy while you are working on the road.

Here are three suggestions that will help you maintain your health once you complete your CDL training and begin working as a licensed truck driver.

1. Make sure you are getting enough exercise.

Truck drivers spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel, so finding time to hit the gym can be difficult. It's important to find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and you can do some simple moves inside the cab of your truck to help keep your body healthy.

As you work through your CDL training program, try taking a few minutes before you begin driving each day to complete some crunches, planks, or shoulder shrugs. Establishing an exercise habit during training will help you maintain your health once you become a licensed driver.

2. Take the time to be social.

It's not just your physical health that must be cared for while working as a truck driver, but your emotional health as well. Since most truck drivers work alone, it can be easy to begin feeling isolated.

A lack of strong social ties can contribute to the development of health problems, so you should begin forming a network of friends while you are in the training phase of your new career. Networking with other truck drivers is a daily habit that can help you increase your health and well-being while you are working on the road in the future.

3. Be sure that you get enough sleep.

The government recognizes the importance of sleep when it comes to protecting the public from drowsy truck drivers, and has implemented laws designed to help drivers get the rest they need while hauling heavy loads. Drivers are not allowed to be behind the wheel for more than 11 hours in any 24 hour period, providing them with ample time to get the sleep needed to maintain mental clarity.

By establishing healthy sleeping habits during your CDL training like Center For Transportation Safety, you will be better equipped to maintain your physical health by getting enough sleep when you make the transition to a licensed driver.

Establishing healthy habits like regular exercise, networking, and getting ample sleep while completing your CDL training will help you prepare to be healthier throughout your career as a truck driver in the future.